Ethik Event

Sensorial & sensory events

Who are we?

« When the event make sense! »

Ethik Event is the event department of Ethik Investment, which has developed Dans Le Noir ? restaurants (Paris, Nantes, Nice, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Saint Petersburg, Auckland, Melbourne) shops (Paris, Nantes) and spas (Spa Paris, Spa Bordeaux).

Thanks to fourteen years of field experience worldwide, Ethik Event Uk has developed an in-depth savoir-faire in three main areas:

Sensorial Marketing

product promotion through innovative sensory events such as blind tastings or multi-sensorial discoveries of a product or brand in pitch darkness.

Team-building events

brainstorming or team building in the dark, and much more…

Raising awareness

on diversity through original events.

We provide unique and innovative experiences with tailor-made solutions.

« A good experience is better than a long speech »
Ethik Event has been a social innovation lab for more than 12 years

More than 80 tailor-made events per year worldwide

More than 1 000 000 visitors worldwide

More than a 1000 press releases across the world

50% of staff with a disability

A unique network of more than 350 experts

To this day, we have organised events in 13 countries: England, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Thailand, Poland, Scotland, Kenya.

Our approach & values

A good experience is better than a long speech

A ludic and innovative concept based on darkness and sensory awareness

Tailored solutions made to fit your needs and constraints.

An expertise and logistics that allows us to build events across the world

Dans le Noir ? Restaurants



Dans Le Noir ? restaurant opened in London 10 years ago. It has now become a true institution which is fully booked almost every night . This is due to the restaurant’s original and innovative concept to eat surprise menus in pitch darkness while guided by blind people.

Deprived of sight, one has to guess what he is eating using his other senses:












Sensory Marketing & Experience

Events & sensory marketing

Thanks to its world recognised unique expertise in organising events in pitch darkness, Ethik Event is the sensory events’ specialist.

Discover our unique concepts and workshops:

Dans le Noir ? The Dark Lab
Silent Café
The sensory cocoon

Pop-up restaurants

« Dans le Noir ? at your venues »

Due to the success of our permanent restaurants, we are often contacted to set up pop up restaurants in prestigious venues around the world such as:


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